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The ability to view under a surface that may hide or cover objects or features is desired by a vast range of industries and disciplines. In simple terms, a surface can be for example the skin of an organism or animal, top soil, snow, rock, sand or even water as it shimmers and reflects, preventing clear view of what lies beneath it. Any of these surfaces can be encountered anywhere, and not just here on Earth but on other worlds in the cosmos. Potentially, an endless realm of opportunity for our ASTIR (Advanced Space Time Image Recovery) remote subsurface imaging technology.

So why ASTIR ?

In short, no other imaging technology can provide subsurface images 1) at any remote distance in the cosmos, 2) without sending out any form of radiation or sound waves, 3) within minutes, 4) at extremely low cost, 5) with practically no need for special operator training. Major statements right? Yet the ASTIR technology has already been providing subsurface images of remote worlds like Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Io and others since 2008 when research on it started. Take a look at some of the examples of ASTIR based applications on this website.

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